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Careem and Uber Rates might increase due to Punjab govt policy

The government of Punjab has drafted a new policy for Uber, Careem and other ride-hailing automobiles that a rise in fares is expected.

As per the new policy, the automobiles must get a commercial registration. Therefore, they would then be paying the substantial motor tax, which would, in turn, force them to raise fares.

The commercial registration of the automobile would be temporary and could be canceled anytime as per the owner’s willingness.

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This new policy has been drafted by the Punjab Information and Technology Board and the transportation and excise departments. The policy was later affirmed by the provincial government.

Earlier this year in January the ride-hailing services were adjourned in Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore because of the commercial use of these automobiles.

The Provincial Transport Authority of Punjab government called Uber, Careem and other operating ride-hailing services “Illegal”. It informed that two firms were offering these transportation facilities without getting their private cars registered with any governing body.

The government of Sindh also pursued some legal action against these rides providing services.

It stated that the usage of private cars as taxis without the legal permit or something is “illegal” and asked the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to block the apps altogether.

The Sindh High Court advised both the provincial transport authorities and the ride-providing services to reach an agreement for keeping the commercial operations of these private cars running.

The judges were later informed that an agreement has been reached as per which the hail-ride vehicle services would get registration for commercial usage and permits as per the Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1965.

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