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Careem and Uber Cars to Be Registered as Semi-Commercial in Punjab

Months after the ride-hailing firms—Uber and Careem controversies, the excise department of the province of Punjab has decided to grant the cars of the service providers a semi-commercial status.

At the start of the year, the news to ban the ride-hailing companies came as a shock to the drivers of the service providing firms and the news spread like some wildfire.

As per the notice leaked at the end of January 2017, the government rated these services as illegal as the cars being driven were not registered with any regulatory body and no route permits or fitness certificates were taken from the government.

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The same issue was also targeted by the government of Sindh and the companies were threatened with legal effects.

Later Punjab government clarified that it would not be banning the services altogether instead Shahbaz Sharif gave clear instructions to bring the service providing firms into the Tax net.

After a span of almost a year, the Department of Excise and Taxation has made the decision that the Careem and Uber drivers would have to get their vehicles registered as semi-commercial automobiles. In the following week, a summary of the draft would be sent to Shahbaz Sharif—CM Punjab for approval.

Earlier a request was also initiated by the Islamabad Transport Authority (ITA) suggesting the revision of the fares of Careem and Uber.

The decision to get the cars registered is far better than banning the services altogether as these services have not only benefited the general public but also have been the source of extra income for the families. Banning these services would result in a decline of income of the families surviving on the profits made through these services.

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