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Careem and Robin Hood Army Together on A Mission to Feed Poor Pakistanis

Robin Hood Army—a social initiative that is engaged towards the prevention of wastage of excess food, has now extended to the other cities of Pakistan too and had recently joined hands with Careem, as it initiates the campaign to feed ten thousand poor Pakistanis.

As per the recent economic survey, 25 percent of Pakistan’s population sleeps hungry at night. Countless children die on per week basis owing to malnutrition while other remain underdeveloped due to lack of proper diet and food intake. Even in the present times, malnutrition and hunger are few of the significant challenges throughout Pakistan.

Careem the well-known ride-hailing service has decided to play its role in feeding as many people it could. For achieving this purpose, Careem has collaborated with Robin Hood Army and together they are working to provide food to the underprivileged people. They have vowed to feed 10,000 people in four days.

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Careem has launched a #BeCareem, a special type of car in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. The commuters could book the #BeCareem car ride from 12th to 14th April and could donate ample amount of food to the needy people.

Careem would be receiving the food and donations directly from the doorsteps of the users and with the aid of Robin Hood Army, the food and donations would then be delivered to those who are hungry and in need.

The Managing Director of Careem—Junaid Iqbal said that as per the World Food Program sixty percent of the population of Pakistan is food vulnerable. He said that we are trying to fill the plates and hearts. He urged the people to take part by donating with all their hearts for creating a difference, no matter how small that may be, in the lives of others. He mentioned that nobody should sleep hungry and this initiative could be a step towards ensuring that.

Careem has a history of getting involved in social welfare and reform tasks. The company takes great pride in such projects which could make life better for others.

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