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Carbonated & Energy Drinks Banned in Educational Institutions

A ban has been placed on energy and carbonated drinks in all educational institutions all over Islamabad by the Federal Directorate of Education. All the government institutions in Islamabad have to immediately follow the order.

Moreover, the ban is not just on the institutions, the areas, market nearby these educational institutions will not be able to sell the energy drinks and carbonated beverages.

The reason for the ban is that these drinks are not healthy for youngsters especially students. It is proven that these drinks are a cause of dangerous diseases. It can harm the health and fitness of an individual, thus the federal directorate of education has issued a notification to ban these carbonated drinks.

Moreover, the authorities have given orders to the all specified educational officers and relevant department to ensure this rule is followed. If it is not strict action will be taken against those violating the rule.

A few months ago Punjab Food Authority put a ban on all soft drinks in all educational institutions in Punjab within the premises and within 100 meters radius of educational institutions. The ban was imposed on 14th August under the Punjab Educational Institutions Food Standards Regulations, 2017. The ban was and is strictly implemented in all cafeterias, canteens, and shops within and around the institutions. All suppliers/vendors and manufacturers were strictly advised by Punjab Food Authority to follow the regulations and ensure that they do not supply soft drinks and energy drinks within 100-meter radiuses of educational institutions.

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Similar to that, now the ban from soft drinks is extended to carbonated and energy drinks. It is important that the youngsters do not consider it a ban, they take it as a concern the authorities are showing towards their health. After all, they are the future of Pakistan and if they are healthy, we can expect a strong and prosperous Pakistan.