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Car Sales Surged In Pakistan 172,911 Units Sold In 11 months

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As compared to the previous year period July-May 2016-17 has witnessed significant improvement in automotive sales. During July-May 2015-16 total of 167,507 cars were sold, while in the current period 172,911 units were sold. An increment of 5404 units this year also indicates the economic growth.

Honda City and Civic cars were among the hot selling cars this year, Honda witnessed record increase of selling these two variants from 23,800 units to 34,896 units.

Suzuki Swift also performed well this year; Suzuki sold 3,871 units during the last 11 months as compared to previous period of selling 3,761 units.

Overseas Remittances in Pakistan have decreased significantly  

As far as Toyota Corrola is concerned, which is one of the popular brands in the country, plunged to 49,667 units in the last 11 months. However, Toyota sold 53,410 units in the corresponding period, 3743 units dropped from the sales figures. It is the to revisit the brand strategy for Toyota in continuously becoming competitive market of Pakistan.

Suzuki Cultus was also up by selling 15,238 units in the period under discussion, the company sold 14,850 units in the previous period though.

Suzuki Wagon R saw record sales during this period, it jumped from 8,490 units sold in 2015-16 to 16,006 units sold in 2016-17. The sales grew by almost 50% which is a great achievement by Wagon R.

Suzuki Mehan, all-time favorite and economical vehicle also sold more units this year with totaling 35,252 units as compared to 34,691 units in the previous period.

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