Car Prices Witnesses A Surge in Pakistan by 2 to 3 lacs – Research Snipers

Car Prices Witnesses A Surge in Pakistan by 2 to 3 lacs

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The car prices in Pakistan have witnessed a surge by 2 to 3 lacs.

The hike in import duties on used cars has led to the surge in the car prices, which in turn has resulted in a significant decrease in the car sales, hence causing great deal of trouble for the car dealers.

Buyers have been worried regarding the price hike of used cars since the government has increased duties on the import of foreign cars.

As per the car buyers, the price of the car which was 6 months before has seen an increase.

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The automakers have issued a warning to the government against liberalizing of used car imports as it would lead to the closure of the automobile industry and would be affecting plans for establishing new vehicle units across the nation.

Last month, Pak Suzuki has surged its car prices by Rs.695,000 for the month of August 2019. The rates of the Vitara GLX and Alto variants have been surged, according to a circular sent by the firm to its dealers all across the nation.

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