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Captain Marvel Releases in Pakistan Finally

Captain Marvel is finally releasing in Pakistan as Nueplex Cinemas has made the announcement that the Brie Larson starring Captain Marvel will hit the silver screen today.

With the picture of the film poster they wrote,  “Captain Marvel – Releasing on April 5 2019.”

One of the fan said, “Finally!” while another one said, “Brilliant.”

Originally Captain Marvel was supposed to release on 8th March but it got delayed. At that time it was reported that the movie would be released by 15th March, but that too didn’t happen.

The speculation around was that delay was due to the escalation in tensions between the two nuclear-armed countries, Pakistan and India. Due to the tensions, the Indian movies were banned for a month.

However, it is being reported that the real reason for the delay was the outstanding payment that was made to the partners of Disney in South Asia.

A senior official of the Distribution company revealed: “The delay in the release of Captain Marvel here in Pakistan has nothing to do with the political situation between India and Pakistan.”

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Adding, ” The real reason is that a local distribution company is yet to pay the studios for films it had purchased the rights to earlier. This has upset the Indian distributors of Captain Marvel, who first asked for a hefty price in exchange for the film’s right and later, decided not to give them at all.”