Cantonment Hospital Rawalpindi Will be Upgraded With Rs.570 Million Fund Release – Research Snipers

Cantonment Hospital Rawalpindi Will be Upgraded With Rs.570 Million Fund Release

The Federal Government has ordered the release of funds worth Rs570 million in order to upgrade facilities in Cantonment Hospital Rawalpindi.

The Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has passed these orders to the concerned department, the allocation of Rs.570 million for the hospital upgradation is the part of current fiscal year’s development program which has a total budget of Rs40 billion according to Express Tribune.

The Prime Minister has additionally ordered the release of another Rs230 million to meet the current year’s expenses and for the next four years. The PM has also directed the concerned department to release Rs.115 million under a supplementary grant in order to cover the reappearing costs during the current fiscal year 2017-18.

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The Ministry of Planning has directed its officers to report to the development budget advisor Asif Sheikh regarding the implementation of PM orders and politically motivated schemes. However, the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) has not approved the upgradation of Cantonment General Hospital Rawalpindi Project.

The project is expected to have a go-ahead in the meeting of CDWP next week according to the sources in planning ministry. The PM’s office issued the order last month regarding the grant, one-time upgradation grant of Rs.570 million under PSDP 2017-18 would be released soon.

The government is also spending Rs.40 billion on the various development projects including roads, gas, electricity, streets in the areas as suggested by PML-N parliamentarians. The Cantonment Hospital project would be completed in the next 2.5 years according to the PC-I available with planning commission of Cantonment Hospital.

Early disbursement of Rs.570 million will help the hospital to keep the money in their bank account and earn profit from it said an official in the ministry.