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Candi Introduces Pakistan’s First Ever Digitally Interactive Selfie Billboard

digitally interactive selfie billboard

Candi Biscuits Limited in collaboration with Kinetic Pakistan has introduced Pakistan’s first ever digitally interactive selfie billboard.

The idea of this Offline to Online (O2O) novelty came in line with the launch of the new communication theme of Candi biscuit. The theme is about celebrating Khaas friendship just like that of “Khaas Mithas” of Candi.

Kinetic Pakistan is famous for its super creative innovations, which contextualized the whole campaign on the selfie billboard along with the digital integration so that it would synchronise well with the core audience of the biscuit.

As a brand Candi hits the youngsters and students especially, which is a highly active social media segment. The idea had to be socially engaging for the targeted audience.

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On social media friendships are the most important phenomenon, and social media loves to portray that. Infact, in friendships when friends are together, they love to capture every moment they spend together via selfies and subsequently they share their celebrated moments on social media.

The birth of the #khaasDost Selfie Billboard in an attempt of keeping the selfie game strong.

An interactive selfie board was made at the Akbar Chowk in the provincial capital of Punjab, which indeed is a prominent location with enough moving pedestrian traffic around it.

For getting one’s selfie on the newly introduced selfie billboard one has to do the following:

  • People in Lahore get a Candi SMS for celebrating friendship by sharing their selfies with their #KhaasDost for featuring it on the Candi billboard
  • People in other cities could share their selfies via visiting
  • The selfies would be displayed in real-time on a live mega billboard in Lahore
  • The featured selfie would be sent back to the user as a cherishable moment through SMS

The Candi #KhaasDost Billboard has for sure set a new milestone in outdoor innovations and has raised the bar for the year. The interactive billboard has become the talk of the town and is a source of pleasure for the city residents.

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