Perry Calderwood, Canadian High Commissioner to Pakistan has officially inaugurated Canada Pakistan Affiliated Chamber of Trade (CPACT) seeking boost in bilateral trade between both countries.

The inauguration ceremony was held at the office of CPACT Pakistan, Ali Malik, President CPACT participated in the ceremony along with some other key officials including Senator Sitara Ayaz, MPA Malik Khokhar, MNA Sajida Zulfikar and CPACT founder Hayee Bukhari.

While speaking to the ceremony the Ambassador said, “Pakistan has very talented and professional individuals, the country also has a very lucrative business environment which is mutually beneficial for the countries.”

The envoy has confidence in CPACT set up which will create more opportunities for businesses locally and overseas, through multiple networking platforms both countries would be able to promote business.

President CPACT Ali Malik said that the CPACT will drive to improve business and trade relations between Canada and Pakistan, both countries can get closer to this economic relationship.

CPACT is an effort by professionals having common interests to promote, extend, study, advance and protect business investments, interests and relations of the business fraternity to become the trusted voice, initial point of contact and preferred networking platform for people doing business between Canada and Pakistan. The CPACT is also focused on protecting Canadian and Pakistani values in business and social setting.

Pakistan has already initiated several projects like CPACT which focus on bilateral trade relations with other countries. Similar organizations working for the same purpose specifically focusing on the country-to-country trade relations including France, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia and some others.


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