Canadian firm won $1 million deal to sell sniper rifles to Ukraine

Canadian Firm $1 million deal

Canadian firm PGW Defence Technologies Inc has won $1 million deal to sell its LRT-3 .50 calibre sniper rifle to Ukraine. The owner of Winnipeg-based PGW Defence Technologies Ross Spagrud, in an interview to Ukraine media outlet UATV confirmed that their firm is delivering LRT-3, .50 BMG bolt action rifle to Ukraine.

UATV English tweeted, “Canadian weapons manufacturer PGW Defence Technologies has signed a deal with Ukraine’s Defence Ministry to deliver LRT-3 .50 calibre sniper rifles. This was confirmed by the owner of the Winnipeg-based company Ross Spagrud.”

The rifles will have suppressors. No details have been given by Global Affairs Canada. But James Bezan office of Conservative defence critic claimed that the sale was approached by Global Affairs Canada last week.

Back in February 2016, PGW was in the news as it came to light that its LRT-3 .50 calibre rifles that were purchased by Saudi Arabia got into the hands of Houthi rebels.

Spagrud in his interview said that a company can’t do much if a rifle gets into the wrong hands. He said that these rifles are “almost worthless” unless the users had professional training on the weapon.

House of Commons defence committee, back in December 2017 recommended that the government of Canada give leathal rifles to Ukraine as long as it works to diminish corruption at all levels in the government. Ukraine’s senior officials said that they will welcome weapons from Canada.

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Committee’s December report said, “In part to alter the situation in eastern Ukraine in a significant manner, the country would be interested in acquiring Canadian sniper equipment — rifles, telescopes and related items — and receiving sniper training from Canadians.”

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