Canadian Filmmaker to Produce A Documentary on Pakistani Climbers

Documentary on Pakistani Climbers

Elia Saikaly-the International award-winning Canadian filmmaker reached at the K2 base camp for making a documentary on the phenomenal achievements of the Pakistani mountaineers Mohammad Ali Sadpara and his son Sajid Sadpara for boosting adventure tourism in the country.

As per the shared details, Elia Saikaly will support two Pakistani high altitude climbers, Fazal Ali and Jalal from Shimshal valley, in shooting the documentary. Both the climbers have scaled K2.

The project has been made possible with the assistance of Pakistan’s Goodwill Ambassador Vanessa O’Brien, the first American woman to climb K2, and the ISPR.

Talking to media before departing for K2 base camp, Elia Saikaly said: “My goal will be to capture the stories of the climbers, especially Mohammad Ali Sadpara, his son Sajid Ali, and John Snorri, who have reached the Camp 3 and are best positioned to make the next summit on K2 this winter.”

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He said, “Personally, I have been thrilled to see the international press naming Pakistan as the next tourist destination post-Covid-19.”

“All eyes are on K2 and I can’t think of a better way, especially for adventure tourism, to show the magnificent beauty of this country.”

Mr. Saikaly said he was grateful to the ISPR, Hassan bin Aftab, director of operations at Pakistan Analytica, Vanessa O’Brien, Wendy Gilmore, Canada’s High Commissioner to Pakistan, the GB chief minister, and the Alpine Club of Pakistan, for assisting him in realizing the project.

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