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Canadian Family Left Shocked as Famous Haleem Spice Mix Packet Exploded

As per CBC reports on Sunday, a Canadian family was left dumbfounded after an extraneous object in a famous spice mix packet “exploded”.

Farida Syed—Ajax resident as she was opening the Haleem spice mix—a mixture of masala spices and wheat grains which is used to make the stew—she heard a loud pop and something in the spice mix box caught fire.

She added that the sound was louder than a pop, much like a firecracker and later flames started coming out of the packet.

Syed added that she quickly threw the spic mix box in the sink and ran water over it to cover the flames. She claimed that inside the box she found a small black pouch connected to string.

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This incident has raised many questions and concerns about the food safety of a dish that is a popular food item among many South Asian Muslim households.

No one has been injured reportedly, however it was a close call. Syed said that she normally uses her teeth for opening the packet but this time she used scissors instead.

She said that if she had used her teeth instead, which a lot of women in the community does, her face would have been blown. She said my face would have been burnt.

Farida Syed’s daughter—Sheeba said that this is a go-to item for the Asians across North America who use this product on a regular basis. She informed that the police have brought in both the bomb squad and a forensics team for investigation.

As per the police statement the object was identified as a fumigation product normally used for food protection from the insects. However, this remain unclear that how the object got inside the box.

The spice mix manufacturers are not available for comments. ITN—the Canadian distributor of the Pakistani firm said that it was actively involve in the investigation. Tariq Ansari of the ITN said in an email to CBC that they are actively monitoring the investigation and would provide any needed update when required.

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