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Canada’s Quebec to Ban Public Workers from Wearing Hijab


Quebec—the Canadian province would restrict the public workers from wearing Hijab or any kind of religious symbols when at work. This legislation was introduced on Thursday, which as per critics is a controversial move and targets Muslim women who wears hijab.

Prime Minister—Justin Trudeau told the reporters on Thursday that it is unthinkable for him that in a free society they would legalize discrimination against citizens based on their respective religions.

The legislation is expected to pass, would cover the public sector workers in positions of authority, including the police officers, teacher, and judges. The legislation however exempts the present government employees and civil servants in the majorly French speaking province.

The governments in Quebec have been making efforts for years to bar the civil servants from wearing religious symbols like headscarves and Jewish skullcaps during work hours in an attempt to build a secular society.

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Francois Legault—the Quebec premier said on Thursday that the bill shows their values and the importance of these values.

The legislation received condemnation, the National Council of Canadian Muslims said that it would make Muslims and other minorities second class citizens and would affect badly on the Muslim women.

Back in the year 2004, France passed a ban on veils, crosses and other religious symbols in schools, likewise, Quebec has been struggling to reconcile its secular identity with the ever-growing Muslim population.

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