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Canada imposes Duties on Pakistani Steel

Canada has imposed Anti-dumping duties on Pakistan’s steel exports to Canada, the country has slapped up to 58% duties on Pakistani exporters.

The move by Canada is rarely seen as we only see China-US trade war and slapping duties on one another in rage, but Canadian Border Services Agency has imposed a provisional duty on imports of carbon steel welded pipe from Pakistan.

According to the details Canadian agency has inquired about and found out that dumping can cause injury to domestic Canadian Industry.

The imposed duties will be applicable to all goods from Pakistan after October 18, 2018, the agency said in a statement; the provisional duties were imposed at 10.1 percent for the International Industries Limited (IIL) and 58% for all other exporters in Pakistan.

Pakistan is currently witnessing double-digit growth in steel production, the country has witnessed 40 percent growth in crude steel production to 5 million tons in 2017 according to the World Steel Association reported, The News.

Canada’s National Tariff Commission has imposed anti-dumping duties on Chinese and other countries steel in order to protect the industry from price wars.

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Border Services Agency received a complaint in May from Novamerican Steel Inc. including its subsidiaries reporting that imports of various carbon steel welded pipes from Pakistan, Turkey, Vietnam, and the Philippines are being dumped.

The government of Canada informed Pakistan about the complaint they received from the industry players, they provided the evidence of the pipes being dumped. The Canadian government made it clear that there is plausible evidence indicating that “carbon steel welded pipes caused injury or threatening to cause injury to domestic industry.”