Canada Adds Islamabad in “Exercise a high degree of Caution” cities list

The government of Canada has removed Islamabad from “avoid non-essential travel” cities list and added it to “exercise a high degree of caution” city list. On August 30th, Canada’s official travel and tourism website were updated and the change was made regarding Islamabad city.

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Four travel risk levels are identified in the Canadian government website.

They are

  • Avoid all travel to a city/country
  • Avoid non-essential travel to a city/country
  • Exercise a high degree of caution while traveling
  • Exercise normal security precautions.

Now in the first two risk levels, the Canadian government believes that the safety and security of the Canadians can be compromised if they visit or live in certain countries or cities.

Generally, Pakistan is listed under the ‘avoid non-essential travel’ list with a few exceptions like Islamabad city. Those areas that fall within the 10km of all the global borders like Kashmir, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa come under avoid all travel category.

In May, the Pakistan’s High Commissioner in Canada Tariq Azim Khan said that Pak-Canda relations are based upon friendship and cooperation.

While addressing the annual dinner of Canada-Pakistani Business Association in Manitoba he said, “We have to take it to new heights.”

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