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Cambridge to Change Marking Policy for O&A Level Students

O&A Level Students

Shafat Mahmood, the federal minister for education has shared that the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) has taken the decision that the grades for the May and June 2020 examinations would not be less than the anticipated grades as were calculated by schools. In case of higher grades than the predicted ones, the higher grades would be kept.

CAIE would soon be announcing the new grades for the May and June examinations 2020 series, as informed by Shafqat Mahmood. He further said that the schools have been told by the CAIE to inform their students of the predicted grades sent to it.

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The education minister had made the announcement to approach the CAIE about the unjust grading in the results of the exams of May and June that were annulled in the month of March owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier, the CAIE has released the results of the May June 2020 exams. The results were based on a 4-step process that combined the proof provided by the schools with the evidence at its disposal for assigning the predictive grades and positions to all the students without examinations.

Students who were anticipating the As and Bs were awarded Cs and Ds and the ones who deserve Bs and Cs were accorded As.

The results lead to a situation among the students as they made claims that their received grades are in complete denial of their anticipated grades based on their performance during the assignments, coursework, mock exams and classwork.

Students rejected the exam results and referred to the 4-step process employed by the CAIE as unfair. They showed their disagreement and anger over the results on social networking websites and urged the education minister to take notice of the issue.

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