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Cambridge Announces Discount On Retake Fee for Oct-Nov Exam Session


Cambridge has announced a fifty percent (50%) discount on the retake registration fee for the October-November Exam Session, as reported by ProPakistani.

Previously in the month of May, the CAIE hinted to accord a reduction in the retake registration fee for the Oct-Nov 2020 Exam Session to the students who want to improve their grades in the exam session of May-June.

Back in the month of March, CAIE announced to annul the May-June 2020 exam session amid the coronavirus pandemic.

After the annulment of examination, CAIE changed the grading policy and formulated a 4-step process that merged the evidence provided by the schools with the proof available with it to assign the predictive grades and ranks to all the students without conducting exams.

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CAIE published the exam results of the May-June 2020 exams last week based on the evidence based method it designed. But, the exam results brought out anger among the students as they claimed that their predicted grades were in complete denial of what they had expected based on their performance during the classwork, mock exams, assignments and coureswork.

Students voiced their complaints and disagreement with the results on social media platforms and prompted CAIE to take notice of the issue.

On Tuesday, Research Snipers reported that the CAIE has announced that the grades for May-June 2020 exams would not be less that the predicted ones by schools. In case of any discrepancy the grade calculated by the schools would stand, even if it may be higher.

CAIE would soon be posting the new grades for the May-June 2020 exam session.

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