Call record feature on Android might be restricted

call record

Prior this year, an APK teardown uncovered that Google was taking a shot at adding a call recording highlight to its Phone application. This week, XDA Developers detailed that it might have just turned out to some Nokia telephones in India. Presently, the appearance of this component gives off an impression of being considerably more probable, as Google itself posted a support archive on the most proficient method to utilize the Phone application to record a call. The document has since been brought down.

As per the Google support page, so as to record a call, the gadget must run Android 9 or later, and it must have the most recent adaptation of the Phone application “on a supported device and country or region.”  However, it didn’t determine what those gadgets, nations or areas were. Recording a call is obviously as straightforward as opening the telephone application, making or getting the call, and hitting the record button on the screen.

The archive proceeded to state that when you record a call the first time when, you’ll be prompted that you’re answerable for conforming to local laws (numerous areas require assent by all parties before call recording). It states: “When you start recording, the other party hears a disclosure informing them that the call is being recorded. When you stop recording, the other party hears a disclosure informing them that the call recording has ended.” Additionally, the document said that you can’t record until the other party has picked up, if the call is on hold or mute, or if you’ve started a conference call. Recorded calls are put away on the gadget and not in the cloud. You can get to them through the Phone application; essentially tap Recents, and afterward the name of the caller. From that point you can play back the account, erase it, or offer the call through email or messaging applications.

There’s no word yet on exactly when we’ll see the component show up on Android, yet with a couple of clients in India previously observing it and Google distributing (and afterwards pulling back) its own official support document for it, we’re getting it could be true soon.

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