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CAIE to Offer Same Treatment to both Private and School Candidates


According to CAIE, it would be offering the same treatment to both the private students and the school candidates registered with the Cambridge Assessment International Education in Pakistan. It said that they both would be marked via the evidence-based grading system,

Uzma Yousaf Zaka, the country director CAIE for Pakistan said that they would be treating the privately enrolled candidates in the same ways as the school candidates and that the grades would be awarded based on proof.

She further added that where the centres have given acceptance to the entries, those pupils should be made a part if the head of the centre was sure that they had observed enough proof of the achievements of the student for making an objective judgement.

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The country Director CAIE for Pakistan further said that the centres need to cautiously and carefully take into consideration that what proof can be authenticated.

The evidence from the educational institutes and former schools might be acceptable.

She also said that as with schools the heads of teh centre would be resonsible for assuring for the authentication of the proof collected about each and every candidate.

Uzma Zaka said that she is fully aware that some of the centres would not be able to collect sufficient evidence for some of the private candidates.

She said that it is not possible to give grades to all the private candidates, some of whom might have to take exams in the month of November this year for getting their respective grades.

She also said that they would not be charging the exam fee if the centres could not offer a predicted grade for a candidate becasue of the lack of evidence.

She asked the private candidates to contact their respective centres for any queries where they have made their entires.

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