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CAA Withdraws the Decision of Baggage Plastic Wrapping

baggage plastic wrapping

The Civil Aviation Authority—CAA has withdrawn its decision of making baggage plastic wrapping mandatory.

The decision was withdrawn after it got extensive criticism and social media backlash.

Previously, the aviation authority directed all air travellers to get their checked baggage plastic-wrapped, the directions attracted scorn and criticism from the frequent flyers and from the environmentalists.

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The Director-General of the Civil Aviation Authority Shahrukh Nusrat said that the wrapping of the baggage while for travelling has become compulsory and it will cost only Rs 50 (in US$ it will cost 0.31$) for a single bag.

New plastic wrapping machines have been set up urgently for this purpose, says the Director-General.

The frequent flyers in Pakistan suggest, that the purpose of wrapping the baggage have been introduced to enhance the name of an unnamed company tasked for doing the wrapping.

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