CAA Releases New COVID-19 SOPs for International and Domestic Flights

NEW covid-19 SOPs

The Aviation Authority has released new COVID-19 SOPs for both international and domestic flights.

Express Tribune reported that a notification was issued containing the new SOPs by the Director Air Transport. The notice announced that the SOPs would remain effective from the 26th of August until the 31st of December 2020. The SOPs would be applicable to the chartered flights operating from within the nation.

As per the SOPs, only the airport staff and the passengers would be permitted to go beyond the parking area and no protocol would be permitted. It further read that protocols of any sort would remain suspended for the passengers and the passengers could only be dropped before the departure lounge of the airport.

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The planes would be disinfected before they depart for new destinations and the crew members would be bound to wear the PEE kits, during the flight.

The managers of all the airports in the nation have been told to implement the new directives responsibly.

The airlines would be needed to share the complete passengers’ details with the airports. The health department officials would conduct the COVID-19 tests on the passengers. Soon after the flight lands the luggage and cargo would also be disinfected.

The boarding passes issued would be such that would at least be a gap one seat. All the passengers would be required to wear the surgical masks during the entire flight duration.

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