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CAA Reduces Luggage Wrapping Prices by up to 87percent

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For increasing compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organisation—ICAO, the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority has reduced the luggage wrapping prices by up to 87percent.

As per ICAO, in the ranking of any airport or the aviation industry, the two most significant elements are the safety of passengers and their baggage.

Previously, the aviation authority made the plastic wrapping a must for the passenger luggage as it prevents damage during the bags handling during loading and offloading planes.

Earlier, most of the country airports had only one plastic wrapping machine, which caused trouble for the passengers as they had to wait in long queues for getting their baggage wrapped. To address this issue, the PCAA issued a tender notice for multiple plastic wrapping machines at the main airports.

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As per the CAA public relations officer, the aviation authority has decreased the plastic wrapping rates for all sizes of passenger bags from 75percent to 87percent with immediate effect.

Following the installation of different machines, the new challenge was the high rates of wrapping, which caused passengers to avoid it.

Per bag plastic wrapping rate prevalent is Rs.400 for the large-sized bags and Rs.200 for the small-sized bags, these rates have been reduced to a constant rate of Rs.50 for all sizes of bags, as per the PR officer.

The new rates would be applicable phase-wise on both the local and international passengers at all airports while at the Islamabad International Airport the new rates have been applied with immediate effect.

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