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CAA Mandates Showing Coronavirus Test Results for International Travellers

Coronavirus Test Results

CAA has made it a must for the international travellers arriving in Pakistan to show the coronavirus test results before boarding their flights.

As per the notification issued by the Civil Aviation Authority, all the international arriving passengers to the airports of Pakistan would be required to show a copy of the test result for the coronavirus via the RT-PCR conducted during the last twenty-four hours before taking the flight.

The result copy is required to contain the name and the passport number pf the passenger and the original result would then be provided to the destination airport in Pakistan.

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Aviation Authority further said that it would be responsibility of the airline operators to make sure that all the passenger has got a copy of their tests before they board the flight.

Other then that, the aviation authority has said that all the passengers would also be providing a complete health declaration form at their destination airport in Pakistan.

The authority has also called on to the airline operators to ensure that the aircraft is disinfected as per the international protocols between each flight arrival and departure.

Furthermore, the Aviation Authority has made the announcement that the flight operations would be resuming at all the international airports in Pakistan except for the airports of Turbat and Gwadar.

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