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CAA Issues Warning To Airlines And Institutions For Not Paying Tax Challans

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The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued a warning to airlines, institutions, and companies for non-submission of tax challans. According to APP, foreign airlines, embassies, and operators have not yet submitted or paid tax challans and certificates, on which the CAA has issued a strict warning.

The list of non-taxpayers includes 397 airlines, flying clubs, embassies, and aviation services. According to the CAA, the list of airlines includes Air France, Charter, British Air, Air Canada, Qatar Air, Emirates, Etihad Air, Gulf Air, Turkish Airlines, Air Zimbabwe, Austrian Airlines, Bahrain Air, China Airline, Malando Air, DHL Aviation, Fly Dubai, Fly Naz and others.

Embassies of Bangladesh, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, China, Korea, Indonesia, Iraq, Kuwait are also included in this list, other embassies include Japan, Qatar, Kyrgyzstan, Norway, Sri Lanka, Thailand, South. Embassies of Africa, Ethiopia, Russia, New Zealand, Germany, and Spain.

Flying clubs include Lahore Flying Club, Multan Flying Club, Karachi Aero Club, Peshawar Flying Club, Faisalabad Shaheen Flying Club while other organizations include Edhi Foundation, Syrian Air, Air Blue, Askari Air, Punjab Government, Sindh Government, and Balochistan. The government is also involved in the non-payment of taxes. The CAA said that the tax payment challans of the bills for the financial year 20-2019 have not been submitted by the institutions. The concerned agencies should submit the tax payment challans for the financial year 2019-20 as soon as possible. A letter has also been issued by AA Shahid Ali to the concerned non-paying institutions.

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