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CAA Initiates Drive to Limit Bird activity at Karachi Airport


Civil Aviation Authority on Friday, initiated an operation in order to restrict bird activity at the Jinnah International Airport Karachi.

According to an official, the concerned staff has launched this drive on the directives of the chief operating officer to restrict the bird activity at the airport and in the areas around the airport.

The airport manager added that approximately around more than twenty-five birds have been hunted on the runway by the bird shooters.

One of the main reasons for the birds’ movement is the garbage dumps in the areas next to the airport  which attracts all the birds.

On the festival of Eid-ul-Azha, the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan has initiated a public awareness campaign to avoid piling of garbage.   

The airport manager stated that most people dump the remains of the sacrificial animals near the airport which attracts the birds and hence it creates chaos in the air-traffic.

The people are advised by the officials to pack the remains of the animals in proper garbage bags and dispose them of at the designated places.

The airport authority regularly set out a bird shooter to target all the birds that are hindering the air-traffic.

Regularly, the authority takes each and every measure to restrict bird activity. Measures include; pressure horns, bird shooters, scarecrows, patrolling vehicles, firecrackers, and acoustic guns.

As per the latest reports, the aviation authority is considering to get advanced machines to control the bird activity.

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