CAA Imposes Fine against a Foreign Airline for Violating COVID-19 SOPs


On Saturday, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) imposed a fine of Rs100, 000 against a foreign airline over violation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) against COVID-19.

The reports stated that the CAA took disciplinary measures against Qatar Airways for violating the coronavirus SOPs after a passenger from Mozambique to Karachi flight no. QR-604 was transported despite being tested positive for COVID-19.

The aviation issued a letter to the CAA air transport department in which they expressed their concerns against the Qatar Airways’ administration for allowing Hammad to travel through its flight, who was a COVID-19 positive certified passenger on the flight number QR-604 on October 15.

The aviation authority further wrote in its letter that the foreign airline will also bear complete expenses for the testing and quarantine of the passengers. It further added that any recurrent violation of COVID-19 related SOPs shall be dealt with in a stricter manner but not limited to withdrawal of operating authorization granted to Qatar Airways for flight operations to and from Pakistan.

Moreover, the airline was directed to submit a compliance report in this regard within a week.

Abdus Sattar Khokhar CAA Senior Joint Secretary said that the airline risked the lives of passengers and crew members on the flight by violating the SOPs. He added that Qatar Airways will now bear the expenses of coronavirus tests, quarantine, and other procedures.

He said that CAA issued SOPs for international passengers traveling from chartered and private aircraft to Pakistan which made it mandatory to possess a negative RT-PCR testing certificate from point of original departure for category B listed countries prior to commencement of journey.

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