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CAA Halts Flights from China Southern Airlines


Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has halted the flights from China Southern Airlines to Pakistan following the outbreak of Coronavirus. The flights have been halted until 31st January 2020.

In a meeting of the Lahore airport management with the Chief Operating Officer Chaudhary Nazir, this decision was taken. In order to deal with the patients coming from China, a medical expert from Meo Hospital was nominated as the focal person.

It was decided in the meeting that a completely equipped medical staff will keep a check on all the passengers coming from China. Thermal scanners will be used to check the patients. The operation will be overseen by a medical expert from Meo Hospital.

Also, it was decided that the incoming passengers from China will go through a thorough screening process. The goal is to make sure that they are able to deal with the viral disease.

It is pertinent to mention here that the virus has reached Thailand, Bangkok, and the US from China. It is feared that this virus will spread to other countries if it is not controlled in a timely manner.

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17 people have died in China, as per reports since the outbreak of this virus. On the other hand, the World Health Organization (WHO) has not declared an international health emergency claiming that the virus is not that threatening.

In an earlier article, we informed our readers that Pakistan is on alert over the possible spread of coronavirus from China. The concerned authorities were directed by the health ministry to remain alert due to the possible spread of coronavirus from China. An emergency operation cell is established to monitor the situation.

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