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CAA Extends Airspace Restrictions for Indian Flights

airspace restrictions

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has extended the airspace restrictions for Indian flights.

As per the notice issued by the aviation authority Pakistan’s airspace would remain closed for the Indian flights until July 12.

Earlier this restriction was till 30th June which is now been extended more.

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The Indian Prime Minister was granted the permission from Pakistan to cross through Pakistan’s airspace on June 12 in order to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit in Bishkek.

The Indian government especially asked for permission to fly the premier’s plane to cross over Pakistan’s airspace, although that route was not used.

The airspace was closed for Indian planes just after the violation of the Indian fighter jet on the 27th of February.

The Commercial Indian planes use 70% of the routes through Pakistani airspace, nowadays these flights face 2 hrs delay because of the restrictions.

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