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CAA Employees to Receive Equal House Rent Allowance

house rent allowance

A notification has been released that the director-General of the Civil Aviation Authority has announced that the employees would be given an equal house rent allowance.

In order to fix a standard house rent for the employees, official notification has been released.

This decision took place in an executive committee’s meeting. The decision included all the airports of our country which includes Jinnah International Walton Lahore, Hyderabad, Multan, and many more. According to the decision, each employee of the following airports would get 50percent house allowance and 5percent maintenance.

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Also, the committee made an approval for the reduction in the house rents, around fifty percent for the employees working in CAA.

Before this decision, 110percent rent and 10percent maintenance charges were being received.

Earlier on July 22, CAA released a notification stating that the plastic wrapping of the luggage at the airports becomes mandatory which after a huge backlash on the social media got dismissed.

But the Civil Aviation Authority after the dismissal of the baggage packing informed all the airport managers to look forward to the new decision.

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