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CAA Denies an Aircraft from Taking off due to a Technical Issue


An aircraft of PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) PK-605 was denied to take off from the Gilgit airport as a bolt was missing from the landing gear wheel of the aircraft.

The flight came from Islamabad and landed at the Gilgit airport. After landing, the aircraft was inspected which revealed that a bolt from the landing gear wheel is missing.

After the revelation of the missing bolt, the plane was prohibited from taking off by the (CAA) Civil Aviation Authority. The PIA engineers are still inspecting the plane.

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Recently, another aircraft of the Pakistan International Airlines coming from Riyadh made an emergency landing at the Karachi Jinnah International Airport on 10th June due to some technical issues which occurred in the plane.

The flight PK-8726 coming from Riyadh had to land at the Multan airport according to the schedule but the technical faults which developed in the plane forced it to land at the Karachi airport in an emergency.

As per the sources, the issue was with the door of the plane as it was not closing down properly.

All the passengers after knowing the trouble asked the authorities to make some other arrangements for their traveling. All the passengers refused to travel through this aircraft.  

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