CAA Criticizes PIA for its Irresponsible Attitude and Poor Performance


A Pakistan International Airline (PIA) plane taxis on the runway on the way to Saudi Arabia during the PIA employees strike in Islamabad on February 8, 2016. The strike continued despite Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's warning that the demonstration was illegal and those taking part could face up to a year in prison under a law that restricts union activity in state-administered sectors. AFP PHOTO / Farooq NAEEM / AFP / FAROOQ NAEEM

Earlier today, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has allegedly criticized Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) for its irresponsible attitude and poor performance.

As per the reports, the CAA articulated anger with PIA for being unaware of international rental laws and becoming a source of international embarrassment for the country.

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When PIA knew that the Boeing-777 was tangled in a court dispute, why did it allow the aircraft abroad? Was the PIA uninformed that it was violating international laws?

Conversely, Ghulam Sarwar Khan the Federal Minister for Aviation said that the PIA aircraft had been seized by the Malaysian authorities as the airline had failed to pay its rent because of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

He further added that a Malaysian court had issued an order without listening to any arguments by PIA’s agents.

Moreover, the minister also revealed that PIA’s officials will appear before a court in London on the 22nf of January and before a Malaysian court on 24th January and that the national carrier would have to accept the decision of the courts.

PIA had attained the plane on an expensive lease during the term of the PML-N.

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