CAA: Civil Aviation Authority Incurs Loss Of Rs.30 Billion In Four Months

Airport Services' Division

The Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan (CAA) has suffered a loss of Rs.30 billion in just four months due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

According to Director General Civil Aviation Hassan Nasir Jami, the Civil Aviation Authority has been losing Rs.8 billion a month in revenue since the Coronavirus, while Rs.30 billion has been lost since March.

According to the DGCAA, all airlines have requested civil aviation not to charge airport charges at present. The matter is being referred to the CAA board. After the board’s approval, the airlines will start paying CAA charges after Corona implications fizzle out.

The impact of Coronavirus is still lurking around, the regulatory authority would need more time and government support in order to overcome the Corona crisis and its financial implications. The DGCAA hopes to get out of the current crisis soon after coronavirus started reducing in Pakistan and around the world.

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