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CAA Bans Carrying Naswar on Flights


The Civil Aviation Authority—CAA has imposed a ban on carrying naswar on flights.

Naswar is a powdered tobacco snuff that some people are super addicted too. The aviation authority has placed a ban on carrying naswar on all the flights that are both domestic and international.

on Saturday a notification was issued to all the airports throughout the country.

As per the notification, carrying naswar would be taken as a crime if found in the luggage of any Hajj pilgrims.

In the meantime, banners with warning inscriptions against carrying naswar while travelling via air have been placed at all the country airports. The banners also contain information regarding how the Middle East had listed the tobacco product as a banned drug.

As per the panaflex banners, any passenger found in possession of the substance in the Gulf nations would be put under strict trial in accordance with the latest enacted laws.

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Earlier, officials of the Pakistan Mission in Iraq had given advise to the Pakistani nationals travelling to the republic against carrying naswar as many carrying the item were arrested in the Middle Eastern nation.

As per the reports, the arrests were made at the airports for carrying naswar, after the Iraqi official considered it some kind of item used for drugs.

Officials who were aware of the matter, said that some people while giving the impression that they are carrying naswar carried actual drugs.

The naswar market in the province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa is approximately around Rs.6 billion per year. Besides KP, the tobacco snuff is also consumed in the province of Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan.

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