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CAA Banned From Issuing Licenses To Pilots

Lahore's airspace

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Pakistan has been restricted to issue licenses to pilots. In this regard, The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has told CAA that the regulatory authority is no longer allowed to issue licenses to pilots, crew, or engineers.

The ICAO intended to visit Pakistan for inspection purposes however, the visit has been postponed for travel restrictions around the world according to the reports.

The ICAO demands a reply from the CAA by December 31. If the CAA doesn’t reply by then, strict action could be taken against the regulator. The CAA issues licenses to air traffic controllers, pilots, engineers, captains, and cabin crew within Pakistan. The authority has been directed to check previous licenses. The ICAO wants to know the process through which it issues licenses.

Recently, Pakistan had to deal with a fake pilot license scandal. Following a revelation by Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan that many licenses in Pakistan were not original, the CAA began acting to suspend dubious licenses.

There are 860 pilots in the country right now, he told the National Assembly on 24th of June 2020. We launched a probe against those with fake licenses and 54 cases emerged, said Sarwar, adding that show-cause notices were issued to 28 people. Nine pilots have confessed and the court is hearing cases against 18 others, he claimed. During July, the CAA told that they had confirmed the credentials of almost all Pakistani pilots working for foreign airlines. The same month, Malaysia restored eighteen Pakistani pilots after their licenses were checked and approved by the CAA.

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