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CAA Approves Reviewed SOPs for International Flights


SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for the international flyers have been reviewed recently and also approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

These reviewed SOPs which have been approved by CAA will remain effective till the 31st of July.

All the flight operations will have to obey the instructions of the Civil Aviation Authority concerning passengers, crew protection measures, and disinfection. The CAA has also asked to carry out an enhanced health screening with immediate effect so that the safety of all passengers can be ensured and the pandemic risk can be reduced.

As per the reviewed Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs), if any passenger has any symptoms of coronavirus like; cough, difficulty in breathing, high fever, then he/she will not be provided with the ticket.

Every passenger should be informed in advance that if anyone is having these symptoms after receiving the ticket then they should not come to the airport.

All those travelers who have gone through the COVID-19 PCR test within the last 96 hours will be allowed to travel.

If any passenger is suspecting COVID-19, then the airport authority should stop him/her from boarding the plane.

All the passengers are required to follow safety measures at the airport which includes; social distancing, wearing face masks, and using sanitizer.

The country of destination is allowed to add any additional measures to these SOPs.

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