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CAA Announces New Health Policy for Passengers

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The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced a new health policy for the passengers who would be travelling until the 30th of this month amid the coronavirus epidemic in the nation.

As per the aviation authority, all the SOPs mentioned in the health forms are to be strictly implemented and abided. All the passengers travelling via air are bound to submit their health forms, which include the information on cough, flu, cold and sore throat.

The form also mentions that the passengers should only be sent to quarantine if the relevant health officer says that it is necessary.

The passengers will also be bound to follow the directives if the quarantine peirod is prolonged and pay for the food as advised by the officials. They would be accountable for penalties for providing misleading or wrong information.

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Previously, the special assistant to PM on National Health Security Moeed Yusuf has said that from the 20th of this month, the government will be able to repatriate six to seven thousand passengers on a per-week basis and all the flights will be operational throughout the 6 airports of the country.

He also said that this would be increased gradually to accomodate more passengers. As observed by the SAPM there were nearly 35,000 Pakistanis who wants to come back to Pakistan.

He added that they will bring back those Pakistanis as soon as they could. The coronavirus epidemic has so far infected more than 8,200 people across Pakistan.

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