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CAA Adds New Sector to Lahore’s Airspace

Lahore's airspace

For boosting the revenue of the Civil Aviation Authority—CAA, the authority has added a new sector to the airspace of Pakistan.

According to the available information, this is a significant measure that the aviation authority has taken for increasing the air traffic in the Lahore region, as it would help in boosting the revenue of the CAA.

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As per high-ranking officials, the aircraft coming from multiple nations would pass via the Lahore region including Turkmenistan, Europe, China, Turkey, and Uzbekistan. This new sector in the region would assist in broadening the authority to establish and enhance the safety of the aircraft.

Officials further added that on a regular basis, more than two hundred aircraft pass via the Lahore region.

On the other hand, the national flag carrier has announced that for the revival of the organization, PIA would be operating on thirteen international routes.

This operational achievement would be attained within the same month, as per some officials.

Pakistan International Airlines is famous across the world, and this measure would help in boosting the revenues of the airline, as informed by the official sources.

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