Bytedance will introduce an app that uses your hums to make music

AI has revolutionized the different aspects of human life. With limited input, AI can generate amazing results. Recently, ByteDance has rolled out the concept of an app that can create music based on human hums. The app is named Ripple. Ripple constitutes all the properties of an AI music generator. Previously, Meta and Google have introduced the concept of music generation based on text inputs.

Well, some of the platforms refer to such efforts as an inspiration for musicians while others believe it to be a threat to professional musicians and composers. Ripple is based on an entirely different model. It will take into account the human hums instead of text inputs. Basically, it will include some contribution from the user.  

The company has shared a glimpse of the new tech. the app uses human hums and generates different instrumental tracks. It can create a track for piano, bass, drums, and other instruments. Users can edit and set the tracks in accordance with their preferences.

Ripple will be an individual ByteDance app

The app is basically a product of ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok. So it is believed to attract the masses. It could be integrated with TikTok since TikTok is a major revenue stream for the company. One of the notable aspects of TikTok is its association with music. Users have access to thousands of tracks from famous artists and groups. Using Ripple users will be able to add original music to their videos. As of now, there is no evidence of when the app will be released publicly. ByteDance has not shared any official details regarding this.