BYCO Petroleum Profits Increased By 44% In 2020 – Research Snipers

BYCO Petroleum Profits Increased By 44% In 2020


Islamabad: During the last financial year 2019-20, the after-tax profit of Byco Petroleum Limited (BYCO) has increased by 44%.

According to the company’s financial data sent to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), the company had a post-tax revenue of Rs 2,431 million in the last financial year, while Byco Petroleum Limited had a net income of Rs 1,684 million in the financial year 2019.

Thus, compared to the financial year 2019, during the last financial year 2020, BYCO’s after-tax revenue has recorded a significant increase of Rs. 547 million or 44%. The company’s earnings per share also rose to Rs 0.46 from Rs 0.32 due to an increase in profit. Due to excellent performance during the last year, BYCO petroleum shares have become important in PSX and investors show interest and confidence in purchasing the company shares.

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