By 2027, Samsung hopes to introduce solid-state batteries

Samsung SDI is the battery development and manufacturing division of Samsung. The South Korean conglomerate used the batteries manufactured by Samsung SDI in several products, including tablets, wearables, smartphones, and laptops. They will soon be utilized by Hyundai and Genesis, in addition to being utilized by BMW and Fiat in their electric automobiles.

As of now, the company is all set to introduce a new type of battery. Reportedly, the company aims to introduce solid-state batteries by 2027. In order to commercialize the ASB (All-Solid-State Battery) technology, the company has formed a team. The Vice President of the company’s large-scale battery business division, Go Joo-young, is heading the team. Samsung is partnering with partners and clients to ramp up the launch process.

To facilitate the flow of electrons between the cathode and anode, conventional batteries use a liquid electrolyte. In contrast to conventional batteries, solid-state batteries rely on solid materials. This approach has several benefits, including improved battery endurance, less risk of fire, and increased energy density. At its research facility in Suwon, South Korea, Samsung SDI launched an ASB test manufacturing line earlier this year.

With the use of sulfide-based technology, Samsung SDI hopes to introduce all-solid-state batteries with an energy density of more than 900 Wh/L. It is probable that these batteries would be introduced initially for use in electric cars, followed by energy storage devices and gadgets like tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

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