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Buying “Likes” on Facebook is Forbidden in Islam Declares Egypt’s Top Mufti

With the ongoing controversy breach, Facebook is currently under, Egypt’s grand mufti has come forward with a ruling declaring the buying of “likes” on the social media platforms to boost one’s page is prohibited in Islam.

The procedure is mostly used by the Facebook group owners to gain more followers so that they could get a boost in the user numbers, as per the reports of Al-Masry Al-Youm.

Shawki Allam was cited saying as that boosting content is allowed in Sharia law as long as it is in the manner for promoting an account, or a publication or a page for the content to reach a specific number of users targeted in exchange of money.

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Allam, however, added that if the number of likes or the ones who have followed an advertised product is not reflective of real-life situations, it could then be referred to as “immoral” and a “deceiving” action and hence the religion does not permit it.

As per the mufti, promoting some content could be considered permissible as it is simply the money that the page admin spends in return of some service, which in this case would be referred to reaching out to a specific count of the audience.

Allam explained that promoting page interaction via the channels of fake “reactions” or “likes” or “comments” is a deliberate violation of honesty. The mechanism is based on fraud and is treacherous to the audience as it does not reflect any tangible numbers in any way.

He also indicated that the policies on the social media platforms clearly mentions that the pages could not have fake, misleading or deceiving content.

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