Buyers May Have To Pay ‘ON’ On Bikes Now In Pakistan

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In Pakistan ON culture was the main menu of Car sales but now its being changed and enters bike market. According to PakWheels research, the dealers are asking for ‘ON’ for bikes now. This is somewhat surprising and quite disappointing because it has never happened before in the local market.

The research has shown that dealers are demanding ‘ON’ on Yamaha YBR G and Honda CG125 the most popular bikes in Pakistan, the ‘ON’ starts from Rs7,000 and goes up to Rs15,000. Henceforth, the bike worth Rs184,000 is being sold for up to Rs201,000. Meanwhile, the demand for ‘premium’ on Honda CG125 reaches up to Rs5,000. It means the bike worth Rs129,900 is costing around Rs134,000.

However, it is pertinent to mention that Honda CG125 is available at the original price at some dealerships, but all Yamaha dealers are demanding ‘premium’. It seems more like bribery rather than a  

Reason behind ‘ON Culture’

As per our sources, there are two primary reasons behind this issue in the market. First, the sources told us that Atlas Honda has reduced the production of CG125. The company has reduced the quota to the bike dealers, the sources told us.

The second major reason is the impatience of the public. As per our sources, the dealers usually give a specific delivery time, which can go up to 2 weeks. However, the customers are not ready to wait and willing to pay the ‘premium’ to acquire the bike on the spot, which has led to the ‘ON Culture’ in the segment of bikes.

It’s More Like Bribery 

The bike is a necessity for middle-class families across the country. So, this means that this culture will seriously hamper the buying power of the masses because this ‘ON’ money can be a huge amount for a common man.

Hence, the government and people together have to tackle this menace immediately, because we have seen what it has done to the car market. If this trend stayed, it will affect a common man, which would be a grave issue.  

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