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Businesses In China Shut As Coronavirus Death Toll Rises To 81

Deaths have been increasing on daily basis due to Coronavirus Outbreak in China, the total number of deaths rose to 81 on Monday the local media has reported, businesses shut down and holiday extends due to the deadly spread of the virus.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited Wuhan, the center of outbreak in order to show seriousness about the virus outbreak.

The total number of confirmed cases affected by the virus rose by 30 percent to 2,744 and half of them found in Hubei province the area where Wuhan is the capital. In Hubei province alone, the total number of deaths rose from 56 to 76 in just a couple of days, it was reported on Monday.

Apart from China, the numbers of cases have been reported in other countries as well, according to NYTimes, 5 cases were confirmed in the United States. In Australia, four cases were confirmed that were affected by Coronavirus. The rest of the cases were reported in Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, Vietnam, and South Korea and some others.

The Chinese government has extended the Lunar New Year Holiday to Feb 2 as a precautionary measure which could help to slow down the spread of the deadly virus. The businesses have also announced to remain closed during the extended holidays. The city of 11 million clamped down further on Monday, announcing the suspension of visa and passport services until Jan. 30. Despite the restrictions, the Mayor of Wuhan said, on Sunday that more than 5 million people have already left the city for holidays and other reasons.

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