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Business News Today Around The World

Pakistan: All of us know that Pakistan import vehicles from Japan. The big news is that Pakistani rickshaws are extremely famous in Japan. The export of Pakistani rickshaws in Japan is quite strong.

Japan: As per Boston Consulting Group Japan could soon beat North America and become richest country by 2019.

Singapore and Hong Kong: The countries will attract more wealth from both within and outside the country in upcoming years.

India: India rose by just one position in ease of doing business. A report was written to World Bank pointing out flaws by World Bank in analyzing countries present laws in last year’s Ease of Doing Business report.

US: The federal reserve of US might increase interest rate this week. This is due to a tightening labor market.

Spain: Spanish central bank raises its economic forecast for year 2017-18. From 2.8% GDP growth predicted in April, now the bank forecasts that growth would be 3.1% in the current year.

China: In May China’s economy went smooth but it is expected to decline in upcoming months due to tight financial policies, decelerating investment and cooling housing market.

Malaysia: Due to strong economy of Indonesia, Malaysia would continue to invest in the country.

Saudi Arabia:  100 riyal monthly fee would be collected from every emigrant. This new policy would be imposed from next month and it would increase slowly till 2020.

Qatar: Ban by Gulf neighbors, Qatar has been isolated. The country is going through a crisis financially, economically and strategically.

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France: Second revolution might just start in France as Emmanuel Macron a tech entrepreneur who has never been a part of political campaign might just win the elections in France.

Britain: Prime Minister Theresa May’s failure to win a parliamentary majority in elections held last week has created political uncertainty in the country. Many major businesses have been affected due to it.