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Business Of Chai Grows In Pakistan: Chai Kada Or Chaaye Khana What Is Your Choice?

We Pakistanis love Chai. Talking about how air, water is important for survival, for the Pakistani nation Chai is essential for living. It is not a luxury, but now it is being made one with opening of especial Chai café’s having their specialty as Chai.

We will discuss two famous Chai café’s in Islamabad, Chai Kada and Chaaye Khana.

Chai Kada is a Lahore based famous dhaba, which has now opened its branch in Islamabad. A café with a complete traditional Punjabi outlook, with loud colors, truck art, folk designs and humorous Punjabi writings on the wall with a cup of tea summarizes this dhaba. The entrance of the dhaba is marked with a bright yellow rickshaw and the slogan of the café on the windscreen reads, chai meri jawani, Chai Kada mera nakhra. This sounds like a Punjabi dialogue, but the desi outlook does give a traditional cultural appeal to the dhaba.

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Chaaye Khana on the other hand is nothing traditional. The café has a strong modern and western feel to it. With modern paintings, books placed at a side, western writing and design it all gives a very fresh look to the café. You will see people working on their laptops and sipping tea alongside in this Café.

Chai Kada is an established café in Lahore, but it needs to make a mark in Islamabad as well, as it has just opened. Chaaye Khana has made a name in Islamabad and Bahria Town Rawalpindi. It is a renowned café, but now with competition in town, which Chai Café would do better business, time would tell.