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Bushra Ansari is Responding Boldly to Trolls About Her Age

Bushra Ansari

Bushra Ansari—the veteran actress is boldly dealing with trolls about her age. She is not taking the trolls shaming her for her age lightly.

She is an important member of the legendary Pakistani actors. In her long amazing career of serving the show-business, she has been everything from an actress to a presenter, writer and even a singer.

With time, there has been a shift in the roles she has been taking on. Like her growth in her personal space from being a mother to a grandmother she has also experienced growth in her talent.

In mid of all this, people who are not that fond of the great actress are criticizing her, but Bushra Ansari is not someone to take on all this criticism lightly.

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She said that people are taunting her for trying to look and act young despite being a grandmother. She added that what could she say it is not her fault that she got married at an early age and now all her children are all grown up.

She further said that being a grandmother must not restrain her from doing anything. She believes that age is just a number and that she got to live her life.

Bushra Ansari said that her career has not harmed anyone. She said that she created no corruption in the country by her performances.

She said that people who cross 40 should they die or stop living. She asked the ones trolling her that should they just stop enjoying their lives.

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