Buses Managed by Lahore Transport Company Suspends

lahore transport company

The Lahore Transport Company has been suspended for more than a month now. Nearly 19 routes of the public transit service have been closed.

The transport firm commenced its operations in 2009 and had more than four hundred air-conditioned public buses runnning on 19 routes. But, after 2017, the number of buses began decreasing finally leading to the service being closed down entirely.

The company officials have blamed the suspension on the withdrawal of the investment by the international firms.

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The LTC Chairperson Dr Shahid Siddiq has said that they had a contract with the foreign firms that were investing in the service, however it ended in the year 2017. He also added that they still made some arrangements till 2019, but now the firms have completely withdrawn.

The buses have offered transport to people at the subsidized rates. Owing to their suspension, people who used to travel on those routes are suffering.

Many people being employee of the company have lost their jobs.

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