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Bus Rapid Transit Project in Peshawar Begins

Pervez Khattak CM KPK has inaugurated Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project in Peshawar. This project will be completed in next six months as per the claims.

The CM of Peshawar performed the groundbreaking of the project. He said that this project will help 400,000 travelers to commute.

Asian Development Bank provided Rs48 billion funding for the BRT project in Peshawar.

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Khattak said, “We promised to provide best means of transportation to the people and the project will be completed in six months.” He further claimed the project to be “cheaper than similar projects undertaken by other provinces.” Clearly, he was comparing with Metro projects in Islamabad and Lahore.

To compensate those citizens who will be affected by this project the government has fixed Rs1 billion for them.

He informed, “The project will earn enough to pay back loans.” As he said that in previous tenures provincial institutions suffered. “We streamlined the institutions.”

He mentioned PTI Chairman Imran Khan by saying that they are trying to convert Peshawar in to “city of flowers” as was promised by Party leader.

Now coming to the route of Rapid Bus Service Peshawar, it will start from Chimkani and it will end at Hayat Abad. It has 8 routes and covering a total length of 26km. Total money used in the project is estimated to be 57 Billion Rupees. 7 billion will be given by KPK government while rest will be funded by Asian Bank as a loan.