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Bus Rapid Transit Project affects Internet Connection in Peshawar

The bus rapid transit project in Peshawar has affected the internet connection of the area. In many police stations of Peshawar loss of internet of connection has been reported. The online FIR system has been affected as well. The police stations that are suffering from no internet issue include Hashtnagri, Chamkani, Gulbahar Town, and Hayatabad. Around 40 online FIR’s are registered per day at the above-mentioned police stations. Due to the digging and drilling work going on the BRT project, the internet lines underground have been disconnected. This, in turn, is causing internet problems in many areas and police stations of Peshawar.

So all the residents of Peshawar, your online FIR card will not be given until this issue is resolved.

The shopkeepers of the area are also getting affected because of the construction of BRT. They have also complained that they have not been given the compensation that was promised.

In October 2017 the work on BRT started. It is expected that the project will complete in six months time. The cost and time increased as major alterations were made in the project. Once the project is complete it will make life easier for the commuters. Travelling will get simpler. Bus lanes and stations have been developed around Peshawar on 26km corridor that goes from Chamkani area to Hayatabad.

Similar metro bus projects have rolled out in other cities of Pakistan including  Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Multan.

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In Islamabad, the new metro project has now reached its final stage and it is expected that the project will complete by April 2018. The deadline for the construction of 25.6 km Peshawar More-New Islamabad Airport was set many times, previously and was not met. Now finally the work is rapidly going on in the project and as anticipated the new metro project will be fully ready by April.

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